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Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a multi-faceted Law Firm with head office located in Mumbai. Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a first generation firm with new ideas and concepts and is full of youth power coupled with experience. The firm is committed to providing the clients with effective, competent and professional services, through a combination of personal attention, detail-oriented services and accountability. The firm follows the principles strictly as stated below:

  • Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka does not use any pirated software and all the technologies including operating system, document software, accounting software, case management software, dictation software, document conversation software are all licensed.
  • Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka does not entertain the concept of adjournments on frivolous grounds and do not entertain clients who want adjournments. The motto is to be prepared at the time of hearing with all documents/ files, research papers, and judgments and present the best.
  • Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka does not guarantee results, but certainly guarantees that the work shall be done to the best of abilities of the Advocates, and with use of technology as far as possible. The firm is always eager to get the advocates and staff updated with the latest technology, spends on infrastructures and all the lawyers put in their efforts on research.
  • Advocates from Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka cannot write the client’s destiny, but can humbly put in their hard and sincere efforts.
  • Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a firm having fair practice, respect for opponents, and does not follow any unclean practice. When putting up the case before the Court, the Advocates of the Firm are expected to put up their case fearlessly, and it does not make a difference even if the opposing party is being represented by a designated senior Advocate.
  • At Law chamber of Siddharth Murarka, we believe in giving fair opportunities to the opponents and giving best efforts to the cases of the clients.
  • At Law chamber of Siddharth Murarka, we believe that Lawyers are officers of the court, and are there to assist the clients in presenting the best offence or defence. The Lawyers are duty bound to not only present the case, but also ensure that the system of justice works perfectly, and any lacunas in the systems must be pointed out to the bench and the bar.
  • Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka also does not believe in commissions from other Advocates/ Counsels or any other professionals or service providers, whose matters/issues are referred to from the office. The reference to any other professional is done purely in good faith. Money is a price only for efforts put in and none of the associates is interested in quick money, fast money or easy money. However, if the firm has to provide services and do follow ups we do charge the fees and the same is disclosed transparently.
  • No associate is allowed to take any charges/ out of pocket expenses, unless agreed between the client and Siddharth Murarka or the concerned Advocate.
  • Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka follows the concept of retaining good and fair clients, and does believe in creating new clients at the cost of loyal clients. True value for money is necessary to be given to the Clients, as a satisfied client gets more clients and creates goodwill, which cannot be bought by money.
  • In case any client is not satisfied with the services, as a good practice, the chamber refunds any balance lying as advance and for which no work has been done. The Chamber will return complete papers to its client, even if the outstanding are not paid by the client as mandated in the professional ethics.
  • In case any client or even third party feels that there is any fault in implementing the principles enumerated herein above, or any wrong policy is being followed, we would be obliged if you send us the details for us to rectify the wrong/ error. The same can be sent on the official email ID of the Chamber. We even welcome constructive criticism and suggestions. 

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Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a multi-faceted Law Firm with head office located in Mumbai. Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a relatively new firm with new ideas and concepts and is full of youth power coupled with experience.

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