Terms and Condition

  1. That you agree that you shall not have or carry non vegetarian food inside the office premises. The firm is not concerned with your food which is outside the firm premises.
  2. That if you do not have a mediclaim of at least Rs. 2,00,000.00 you cannot apply for a post.
  3. That you shall not smoke in the premises of the office or in the common corridor of the building where the office is situated.
  4. That you shall not consume any alcohol in working hours or at least 8 hours prior to the working hours.
  5. That you shall maintain proper discipline and shall not be using the internet for personal use and also shall not use social media within the working hous=rs, as far as possible.
  6. That there shall not be any attempt to have any relation with the opposite gender and you cannot malign or abuse any other person based on caste, class, religion, gender  or financial status.
  7. You shall ensure you will reach Court on time and office working hours will be complied with. The office works 9 am to 6.30 pm on monday to saturday. There are only 12 holidays declared by the firm and apart from the same any leave shall be subject to deduction from the total dus to you.
  8. You shall also be liable to pay profession tax and have to provide Income Tax and Profession Tax details, as available, restricted to payments by firm.
  9. You shall not ask for any cash payment, unless authorised in writing.
  10. You shall ensure that you shall devote atleast 15 hours a month for updation on knowledge, skill and education.
  11. The firm shall not be providing you advance and all Advocates are on retainership and all work is on contractual basis.
  12. You have to maintain a Bank account in your own name and details have to be provided to the firm for digital payments.
  13. You have to get a digital signature in case you are asked to be associated as Advocate and/ or Office Assistant.
  14. Apart from the above the firm reserves the right to change rules and seek its implementation with immediate effect.

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Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a multi-faceted Law Firm with head office located in Mumbai. Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a relatively new firm with new ideas and concepts and is full of youth power coupled with experience.

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