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This office was formed only because of the instant belief and inspiration of Rajkumar Murarka, who guided his son Siddharth Murarka to take a leap into independent practice in the field of Law and then form a firm to give the best possible services to Clients. Even today he is there to guide the office and all major decisions are taken after his expert opinion and advice. The office functions under his supervision. His understanding of the concept of justice and fairness is much more than even a practicing lawyer and his practical approach and advice on a daily basis has led to the establishment of this firm and its stupendous growth. The firm got its initial business mostly because of his reputation as a trader, a good human being, and an able and just arbitrator. He is having a key role in major office policies and management decisions. Siddharth Murarka started working at an early age of 15 years with his father and was in the textile trade for many years. After having degree in 2004 and having Sanad in 2006 and after the initial year of being junior Advocate in a firm in June 2009, the independent office of Siddharth Murarka was established with the blessings of his father Rajkumar Murarka. In 2013, the practice took the shape of a firm because of the encouragement of his father and a regular support of the clients. The firm, because of honesty and integrity, is today one of the fastest growing law firms in its segment. Siddharth Murarka has created a space for himself in the fields which are different from those of general lawyers. Be it challenging L.B.T., or challenging the conduct of metrology department and its officers, be it court fees being levied on cheque bouncing cases, to what is wrong in magistrate Courts, non implementation of Child rights to Non implementation of Senior Citizens Rights, Siddharth Murarka has always taken up the issues which a lawyer with his experience would not even think of. He has even filed applications like Arrest before judgment etc. and argued against many designated senior Counsels. The concept is very clear “WE ARE INFERIOR TO NONE”.

In 2014 Siddharth Murarka became an Advocate on Record, Supreme Court Of India in his first attempt and entered the elite club of Supreme Court practitioners.

In 2020 during COVID 19 the firm came into limelight for being one of the first law firms which started the webinars on law and many seniors volunteered and the trend was set up for law related youtube channels. The telegram group The law Club was formed and the team also created a system for updating members of the legal field in technology and created a channel for positive thoughts in testing times. The telegram groups dedictaedfor Supreme Court Advocate on Record to SCBA members was created. Thus, the concept of Bar wise telegram group was given the shape by Siddharth Murarka and his team. In the lockdown period the team worked non stop as the firm was already on a digital platform.

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Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a multi-faceted Law Firm with head office located in Mumbai. Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a relatively new firm with new ideas and concepts and is full of youth power coupled with experience.

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